Fans drag Baker Mayfield after Odell Beckham Jr. gifts cleats to Tom Brady

Baker Mayfield may be a Brown, but on Sunday night, he was green — with envy.

At least, that's what many fans on Twitter took away from a postgame moment involving Mayfield, Odell Beckham Jr. and Tom Brady that has now gone viral.

After the New England Patriots defeated the Cleveland Browns 27-13 on Sunday afternoon, Beckham sought out the opposing quarterback to gift him a pair of shoes. The cleats were adorned with Beckham's initials and were made out of goat hair, a reference to the GOAT status Beckham believes Brady holds.

The two were surrounded by cameras during the exchange, and at least one photo of the interaction shows Beckham's own quarterback, Mayfield, watching in the background.

Fans on Twitter were quick to point out how envious Mayfield seemed to look as he watched his star receiver hand over the shoes.

Some referred to Mayfield as Beckham's "pissed off girlfriend," while others believe the moment indicates that the wide receiver wishes he were catching passes from Brady, instead.

Even NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe weighed in, saying Mayfield looked like he wanted to "knock them shoes out of Odell's hands," followed by a string of crying-laughing emojis.

Brady and Beckham reportedly spent even more time with each other after the game. The Patriots quarterback and his son, Ben, waited outside of the locker room for Beckham and chatted for several minutes, according to several local reporters.

With the many losses on New England's offense this season, we wouldn't blame Brady for wanting some more time on the field with Beckham — but it seems like he would have to deal with the wrath of Mayfield to make it happen.