A man let Twitter users decorate his room — and the result is hilariously disastrous

A young programmer and YouTube personality decided to let Twitter users come up with creative ideas to decorate his bedroom — and ended up regretting it.

Earlier this month, Michael Reeves, who has over 320,000 Twitter followers and over 2.5 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, created a Twitter bot that would automatically order any suggested item that had the highest number of upvotes on Twitter.

"Now I could ask friends for help or talk to an interior decorator, but that's social interaction and I don't support it," Reeves deadpans in a video he shared on Twitter. "So, instead, I wrote a Twitter bot that lets you decide what goes in my room just by tweeting at me."

Reeves's programmed his bot to make a purchase on Amazon every 15 minutes for every distinct link it received for an entire day. It also would not purchase the same item twice. The catch? The item had to be $25 or less.

Still, Twitter did not disappoint. Purchased items included a BTS poster, a communist manifesto, several copies of the King James Bible and an adult swing set. In fact, Reeves's open call was so popular that it was retweeted nearly 40,000 times. The video alone received about 4.6 million views.

Last Wednesday, Reeves followed up on his original post with a 13-minute video.

"So ... that was a mistake," he says.

Reeves says on camera that the bot purchased 95 orders, and he then peeks at several of the items. When he learns that the bot bought a swing, he immediately expresses disappointment.

"OK, maybe you guys are really unorthodox at decorating," he says in an attempt to console himself. "I'm sure you got it. I trust you."

Later on in the video, Reeves and two of his friends are seen unpacking the packages, which also include iCarly-branded cologne and a machete. He then enlists another friend to help decorate his bedroom with the items. The end result is one spectacular mess that includes a mattress with a Minecraft-inspired covering and a BTS shrine.

"I'm going to have a stroke," Reeves says.

Naturally, social media users had a ball too.

"This room looks like the internet in a nutshell," one person wrote.

"Michael is slowly turning his life into some weird, twisted science meme," another added.