Family says fridge stopped a tree from crushing daughters

In a terrifying clip obtained by Inside Edition, a freak accident almost crushed sisters Mariah and Ashley Stone in their home on Oct. 17.

The footage, captured by the family's Ring security camera in their living room, started out as a calm scene, with both sisters and the family dog watching TV.

Suddenly, a tree smashes through the roof of their house and slams through the ceiling — right on top of them.

Immediately after, the girls are heard screaming — one of them shouting that she needed help looking for Gizmo, the dog who had been resting by her feet just moments before.

Everything from the tree itself to the house's insulation and parts of the ceiling collapsed on top of them. Fortunately, both were okay, just rattled.

Inside Edition points out that through the kitchen door, leaves can be seen swaying violently before the sight of the trunk tipping over comes into the frame — happening so quickly that even if the sisters had noticed it, they would not have been able to react in time.

Gizmo is even caught looking up in the direction of the door right before the tree crashes into the house.

The chaos was caused by a severe flash flood that impacted Maryland last week. The girls were home from school because of warnings against being outside during the storm.

"The day that this happened, the winds were between 40 and 60 miles per hour," Jennifer Stone, Mariah and Ashley's mom, told Inside Edition.

Both Jennifer and her husband, Francis, were at work during the accident. The family has since temporarily moved into a hotel because the damage to their house is substantial.

“I opened the door, that was what broke me down,” Francis said in a separate interview to ABC News. “It was pretty bad because I realize how lucky my daughters were.”

The footage suggests that the refrigerator might have been what saved the two girls. In a very lucky coincidence, the tree's fall was halted by the fridge, which prevented the tree from completely flattening everything in the living room.

"If the refrigerator was not where it was in the kitchen, the girls would've probably been crushed," Jennifer said.

Fortunately, the girls were able to get it together and run out of the living room with only minor injuries, Gizmo, the dog, was a little shaken but overall unharmed.

"You never really appreciate your home until you no longer have it," Jennifer told Inside Edition.

Watch the full clip above to witness the shocking footage.