Fourth grader goes viral after wearing hilarious outfit for class photo

A fourth grader from Maine has gone viral after his father dared him to wear an unusual outfit for his school photo, USA Today reports.

Three weeks ago, Craig Arsenault promised his son Jake $10 if the 9-year-old followed through on his mother Kari's suggestion that he wear an old Halloween costume for a photo at Biddeford Intermediate School.

"Dude, do it," the father recalled telling his son. "It'll be legendary."

Though they weren't sure whether he would commit to wearing the costume, Jake's parents signed a letter to the school, giving it their permission to take a photo of their son in the ensemble should he choose to do so. "We are aware and OK with Jacob Arsenault's intention to wear his hot dog costume for school pictures, if possible," the note reportedly read.

Last week, the fourth grader's school ID came in — with a photo of Jake in an oversized hot dog suit. Craig posted the photo on Facebook, to the delight of other users.

"My wife and I dared our son to wear a hotdog costume for school pictures," Craig proudly wrote. "The school let him do it, and I couldn't be happier."

As of Wednesday, the photo has received over 7,000 reactions and nearly 6,000 comments.

"Now that's a great story," one person wrote. "Congratulations to your son having a awesome day and the school being what all schools should allow, children being children. This is truly beautiful."

In an interview with USA Today, Craig said he has received some pushback from those who are concerned about his publicizing his son's photo. But the father said he's not worried, adding that Jake also posed in regular clothes for a separate copy of his school ID.