Fishermen come terrifyingly close to enormous 'plug hole' in video

Two fishermen in the United Kingdom were filmed fishing incredibly close to a 66-foot-deep plug hole at the Ladybower Reservoir in Derbyshire.

In an interview with BBC, Flo Neilson, who took the video, said she was walking her dogs last Saturday when she spotted the anglers next to the plug hole, which leads to a tunnel that deposits water to the river through a grill.

"It appeared they were floating towards the plughole whilst still casting their lines, but they were purposely paddling with flippers on their feet," she said. "It looked [like] a dangerous and risky thing to do, but they seemed to be in control of the boats and had soon moved away after I'd stopped filming."

Severn Trent Water, a water company that owns the reservoir, said it has advised people fishing and boating to stay away from the plug hole and that failure to do so could lead to people being trapped or injured.

"We're happy for people to use our reservoir for boating and fishing, and boats are available to hire from the fishery," it said in a statement. "However, we do ask that people stay well away from the plug hole, as obviously this is really dangerous."

Neilson's video, which was posted in a public Facebook group on Sunday, has received nearly 100 comments as of Tuesday afternoon.

"I find the plug hole the scariest thing ... even on video," one person wrote.