Diplomat's wife to be interviewed by detectives over fatal car crash

British detectives will fly to the United States to interview an American diplomat's wife suspected of killing a teenager in a fatal road accident.

Harry Dunn, 19, was killed after his motorcycle was hit by Anne Sacoolas, who admits driving on the wrong side of the road near a British military base used by the United States.

Sacoolas, 42, whose husband is an American diplomat assigned to the United Kingdom, said she cooperated with the police but flew back to the U.S. three weeks later.

The parents of Harry Dunn met President Trump at the White House last week, where they refused the president's offer to meet with Sacoolas.

"The suspect has cooperated fully with the police and the authorities, she has also requested to be interviewed by British police officers, under caution in the United States," said Chief Constable Nick Adderley of Northamptonshire Police.

"Lawyers have clearly stated that the suspect wants to be personally interviewed by officers from Northamptonshire police, in order for them to see her, and the devastation that this has also caused her and her family."

Adderley said that once visas were arranged for officers they would be travelling to the county to interview the suspect.

British prosecutors have not yet said whether they would recommend charges being laid in this case.