Officer allegedly pulls gun on teen over loud music: 'I'll shoot you in the ... face'

Officer allegedly pulls gun on teen over loud music: 'I'll shoot you in the ... face'

An off-duty California police officer was placed on administrative leave after he allegedly pulled a gun on several teenagers over music they were playing a skate park, KCAL reports.

The unidentified officer, an Orange County sheriff's deputy, was at a San Clemente skate park on Oct. 12 when he purportedly approached a group of teenagers over music they were playing together as a band. The skaters said they stopped playing music when he asked them to, but the confrontation soon escalated.

"I was right next to the kid that he pulled the gun on," Sage McClung, a witness to the incident, told the station.

In a cellphone video, the officer, who is seen wearing a cap, hoodie and shorts, approaches one of the skaters with his handgun pulled out. The teenager immediately drops his skateboard, raises his hands and peddles backward.

Koa McClung, who KCAL identifies as another witness to the incident, said that the boy was just trying to protect another friend.

"My friend didn’t know he was a cop," Koa said. "He was coming up to a friend very fast and aggressive, so my other friend jumped in and put his hand out for him to stop…The guy grabbed his hand aggressively. My other friend held up his skateboard for him to stop, then the guy pulled a gun and said, 'I'll shoot you in the f***ing face if you don't stop.'"

Malcolm McClung, another witness, said that the teenager did everything the officer — who is also seen holding his badge in the video — told him to do, although the cop never verbally identified himself as police.

In a statement, the Orange County Sheriff's Department said it was investigating the incident.

"Orange County Sheriff’s Department employees are expected to conduct themselves with professionalism on and off-duty," the department said. "We take this incident seriously and will fully investigate."