84-year-old Army veteran challenges TSA agent to pushup contest in wild video

An 84-year-old U.S. Army veteran proved she's still in fighting shape when she challenged a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent to a pushup contest before her flight on Tuesday.

Lt. Colonel Maggie DeSanti, who rappelled from helicopters to treat wounded soldiers during the Vietnam War, was videotaped completing 10 pushups alongside a TSA agent at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in Arizona on Oct. 15.

A crowd of eager onlookers applauded the duo as they reached the 10th pushup, while another TSA agent helped a beaming DeSanti, all decked out in her uniform, off the floor.

The friendly competition took place before DeSanti boarded her flight, which was organized by Honor Flight, a nonprofit organization that transports veterans to Washington, D.C. to "visit and reflect at their memorials," free of charge.

In 2018, the group reported it flew 19,383 veterans to visit war monuments in the nation's capital.