These identical twin nurses helped deliver identical twin babies — and the photos are incredible


A wild coincidence at a Georgia hospital had a pair of new parents seeing double — twice.

Rebecca Williams was prepared for twins when she went in to give birth to two girls at Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center in Athens, Ga., last month. But, after her babies were born, she and her husband Brannan learned they were part of a much stranger occurrence.

As it turned out, the Williams's twin daughters had been delivered by Tori Howard and Tara Drinkard — two nurses at the hospital who also happen to be twin sisters.

"Every day is special being able to help bring newborn babies into the world, but it’s even more special doing it alongside my sister," Howard said in a statement from the hospital.

New parents Becca and Brennan Williams posing with their twin girls.

Howard is a NICU nurse, meaning she constantly works with newborn babies, and Drinkard is a labor and delivery nurse. Still, the two sisters had no clue they'd be working together until moments beforehand.

"I didn’t know that my sister was going to be there until she texted me just before the delivery started to tell me she’d be there!" Howard said.

The two sisters worked together to help deliver the Williams' babies by c-section. Brennan Williams told "Good Morning America" he was excited to learn about the happy coincidence surrounding his wife's procedure.

Twin sisters Drinkard and Howard pose with the twin girls they helped deliver.

"It was pretty neat because Tara took care of Becca in the labor and delivery room and Tori was taking care of [the babies] in the NICU," the new father said.

Drinkard and Howard, both 26, have a history with the hospital that goes back further than their working lives. As it turns out, the twins were also born at Piedmont Athens Regional, Sydney Walker, the hospital's communications specialist, said in a statement.

Twin sisters Tori Howard and Tara Drinkard as babies at Piedmont Athens Regional.

The twins's passion for medicine goes back to nearly as far as their connections to the hospital. Drinkard said that she and her sister have always made a strong team, especially when it comes to helping others.

"We have always worked well together," Drinkard said. "Even when we were little, I didn’t like to play baby dolls with anyone but her – no one else played it right! But now we get to do that in real life!"

Last month's delivery was particularly special though, as it was Howard and Drinkard's first time ever delivering children together — let alone twin girls.

"It’s always been my dream to work in labor and delivery, even before I started nursing school," Drinkard said. "So to do that alongside my best friend makes it even sweeter."