Man arrested for killing three people told police he 'wants to be a serial killer'


A self-proclaimed "serial killer" accused of three murders reportedly told police he wanted to kill many more people.

Stanley Mossburg, 35, was arrested by police in Polk County, Fla., on Tuesday and charged with killing two people in Florida and one in Tennesee, ABC News reported.

Mossburg, who was brought in by a SWAT team after firing several shots at officers, told authorities his two victims in Florida were actually "numbers seven and eight" and that his goal was to "kill 11 [people]." Police have yet to confirm whether or not the 35-year-old murdered as many as he had claimed.

"We have not found two through six nor do we know if they exist at all," Polk Country Sheriff Grady Judd said at a news conference Tuesday.

Mossburg's arrest came after Tom Kohl, a man in Winter Haven, Fla., called 911 Monday evening. Kohl told police someone had killed his two roommates and then held him captive for more than 12 hours.

Kohl said he came home from work Sunday night to find his male roommate dead while his female roommate was tied up and still alive. Mossburg then allegedly tied up the 911 caller and held Kohl captive, later also killing the female roommate.

In regards to the second murder, police said Mossburg claimed he "did it quick" because "she was cooperative."

Mossburg then allegedly began cleaning the home with bleach, telling Kohl he "wants to be a serial killer."

Police have said it seems as though the killings were completely random.

"He said he likes killing people," Judd told WFTS-TV. "He tried to kill our deputies... This guy needs the death penalty if there’s ever anyone who needed the death penalty."

The other murder Mossburg is charged with took place in Tennessee earlier this month. In that case, he allegedly attacked a man in a laundromat before fleeing to South Carolina.

WFTS reported that Mossburg also addressed reporters on Tuesday as he was being taken to jail for booking.

"I'm a prophet, not a serial killer," Mossburg said. "I'm doing what God tells me to do. Y'all will see God, and there's gonna be an angels and demons fight from God. There's a war, everybody will see."

Kohl's neighbors, meanwhile have set up a GoFundMe page to help the 70-year-old pay for hospital bills, cleaning in his home and any additional costs related to his "tragic experience."