Lions coach Matt Patricia reacts to blown calls in tough loss to Packers


If Lions head coach Matt Patricia was as angry as the rest of Detroit over the blown calls that cost his team a win on Monday night, he didn't show it.

Three plays in particular — two illegal-hands-to-the-face penalties on Lions defensive end Trey Flowers and one pass interference non-call — were slammed by players, sportscasters and fans alike as hurting Detroit's chances of winning a game that they spent the majority of the time leading.

"We can't have those penalties, whatever it was that caused those to take place," the soft-spoken Patricia said after the game, stopping short of blaming the officials for the calls.

Patricia then brushed off a question regarding one of the controversial penalties called on Flowers when it appeared his hands were on his opponent's shoulder pads rather than his face.

"[The referees] called it, so obviously, they saw it," he said.

Flowers, who also played under Patricia when he was the defensive coordinator for the New England Patriots, had never been flagged for illegal hands to the face in his five-year career until Monday night.

Patricia went on to praise his team, however, saying he enjoys coaching such a "mentally tough" squad. The Lions will next play the 4-2 Minnesota Vikings at home in Detroit on Sunday in another crucial NFC North matchup.