California man arrested after showing up at police station with dead body in his car


A California man was arrested Monday after driving to a police station with a dead body in his car and telling police he'd killed four people.

The man told officers at the Mount Shasta Police Department that all four victims were his relatives, the New York Times reported. He also said that the other three bodies were more than 200 miles away at his apartment in Roseville, Calif.

Mount Shasta Police Sgt. Robert Gibson told the New York Times that the man's confession was calm and "matter of fact."

"He just came in and told our dispatcher that I want to confess to a murder, and then just gave it up," Gibson said. "I have never had someone come in with a body and turn themselves in here. This was unusual for us."

Gibson added that his department originally didn't believe the man when he confessed to the killings. That led to the suspect — whose name has not yet been released — handing over the keys to a red Mazda sedan. Officers went outside to search the vehicle and found one of the bodies inside.

The man was held overnight in prison, and the alleged homicides are now being investigated by the Roseville Police Department. Sgt. Gibson did not provide any information regarding a motive in the case, telling the New York Times that the man "said nothing as to why or what brought this on."

Police are also still investigating exactly how the victims might have been related to the man, and any information regarding how they were allegedly killed has yet to be released. Officers plan to hold a news update with more information on Tuesday.

While many details have yet to emerge, Roseville Police Captain Josh Simon said in a news conference on Monday that the murders will take a toll on his town.

"This can really have an effect on all our first responders and people who may or may not know these victims. So this is a very heavy impact to our community," Simon said.