Postal worker makes hilarious attempt to hide Amazon package from woman's husband


A Texas woman's attempt at hiding online purchases from her husband is going viral after she shared a postal worker's reaction to her delivery request.

Ebony Freeman posted an image of the hilarious incident on Facebook last week, showing friends how a UPS driver had responded to her doormat, which reads, "Please hide packages from husband."

"Oh my god look! The UPS guy actually hid it under the rug!" Freeman wrote, tagging her friend, Amanda Harper, who gave her the doormat as a gift.

The mat, which jokingly requests that Freeman's husband remains in the dark on her online purchases, can be seen laying directly on top of a large package in a rather indiscreet manner, as though the delivery driver simply lifted the mat and slid the delivery underneath.

Freeman told "Good Morning America" that she keeps the doormat as a joke, noting that her husband doesn't actually get upset about her online shopping.

"I have a package a day coming from Amazon but he thinks it's funny," she said.

This package was different than other deliveries though, as it made Freeman's photo a viral sensation. The post has been shared more than 48,000 times over the past week.

Harper, the friend who bought the playful doormat, said she purchased it on Etsy, adding that its creator is also enjoying the attention brought in by the post.

It's unclear if the UPS driver is aware of the phenomenon they created, but Facebook commenters had plenty of praise for the delivery person's sense of humor.

"More importantly did the husband notice?" one commenter asked.

"This might actually work till I trip over it," another said.