Sideline cameraman films his own tumble at Cowboys-Jets


Most of the time, getting to stand on the sideline is a plum gig. You’re right there next to the action, seeing the game unfold right in front of you. But every so often, the game snaps out and bites you, as it did to one poor CBS cameraman at the Cowboys-Jets game.

New York’s Bilal Powell was trying to turn the corner when Dallas’ Jaylon Smith came sweeping in from the flats. Powell hit the ground, and Smith leaped right over him ... right into the sideline camera:

The Checkdown is part of the NFL’s official Twitter arm, so we’ll take it at its word that the cameraman was OK. Best part of this, though, is the found-footage-horror movie-style scene of the cameraman accidentally filming himself getting knocked on his backside.

Heads up! (Via screenshot)
Heads up! (Via screenshot)

It’s further proof, though, that the sideline isn’t a safe place, not if you’re a cheerleader:

... or a coach ...

... or even a mascot.

Head on a swivel when you’re on the sideline, friends. Head on a swivel.


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