Hero bus driver honored after rushing into burning building

Chanaye Brown was driving her regular route as a Milwaukee County Transit bus driver, when she flames coming from a nearby apartment building's window. The bus's surveillance camera captured what happened next, as seen in the Inside Edition video above: Brown got out and ran towards the fire as a passenger called 911.

"Basically, stopped the bus right there and hopped off the bus and, like, ran up to the apartment building and started banging on the doors," Brown told reporters when the incident happened back in January.

When she noticed there were people running away, she didn't leave. Instead, she wanted to make sure everyone could get out.

"I heard kids in there and I kind of panicked a little more, so that's what made me start getting a little bit louder and, you know, just yelling and trying to get everybody's attention."

Brown even ran inside the burning apartment unit and tried to use the resident's fire extinguisher to lessen the flames. Finally, firefighters arrived on the scene, and praised Brown for stepping up.

Now she is being awarded for her quick-thinking and bravery and was named "honorary chief of the day" by the Milwaukee Fire Department last Thursday.

"I was doing something that I would want somebody to do if it was my kids in that predicament — that's how I feel any time I'm out here driving a route and I see or hear something going on."

Watch the Inside Edition video above to see the full footage of Brown's heroic action.