Chiefs somehow gained 116 yards on touchdown drive vs. Texans

The Kansas City Chiefs gained 116 yards on their opening touchdown drive against the Houston Texans on Sunday.

Wait, what?

No, the NFL has not changed its field dimensions prior to Week 6. But yes, the Chiefs grossed 116 yards of offense on the drive, which was capped by a tremendous TD grab by Tyreek Hill in his return to the team.

It’s the most total yards in a drive this season, according to Pro Football Reference. (Its drive data goes back to only 1999, and there are no other known records on gross-yardage drives kept by the NFL.) For perspective, there have been nine drives in the 2019 season with 100 or more yards of offense, factoring in penalties. But the Chiefs’ was nearly a first down longer than the previous high this season — the Buffalo Bills’ 108 yards in Week 2 against the New York Giants.

The Chiefs got the ball to start the drive on their own 9-yard line. They needed only six plays to cover the 116 yards, including the 46-yarder from Patrick Mahomes to Hill. In between were 25 yards worth of Chiefs penalties, including two offensive pass interference calls. The Texans challenged a third play for OPI, but the original call was upheld.

It shows how explosive the Chiefs’ offense can be, especially with Hill in the fold. The next time you want to win a debate about the best offenses in the NFL, drop this 116-yard drive stat on your opponents’ head. It might cause it to explode right on the spot.

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