Caly Bevier discusses music, relationships and moving on

For the second episode of In The Know: Profiles, we traveled to Los Angeles to meet with Caly Bevier, who had a breakout journey to the semifinals on Season 11 of "America's Got Talent." But before she was on TV and before she was being followed by more than 88,000 people on social media, she was stuck and sick in her hometown in Ohio.

"I never thought I could make singing or, like, being a musician into a career," she told In The Know. "Everything kind of happened at once, I got diagnosed with cancer."

Bevier was diagnosed with ovarian cancer when she was only 15. "I was either always stuck in my bed at home or stuck in a bed in the hospital," she said. "I just felt even more sick not being able to go outside and enjoy nature and enjoy life."

It was an incredibly difficult road to remission, but it never deterred Bevier. A video of her singing at a benefit went viral after it was posted online and helped her see a future where performing could be her career and where she could leave that dark time behind her — although it's still intertwined throughout her music.

"The trauma happened — it is what it is — and I kind of moved past all that and moved on to, like, living my life fully, you know, without any regrets," she said. "I always want my story to be a part of me — like, the whole cancer thing — I want people to be inspired by the fact that I went through something superintense and superhard and life-threatening, and I came out of that."

What inspires Bevier is the idea of grounding herself in what she loves and in her potential. She thinks it's the most important aspect of how she gets through her trauma and how she moves forward with her music. Her support system — family, friends, her boyfriend and music producer — help her feel grounded.

She does not let any negativity get to her. "Every little thing happens for a reason, it's beautiful," she says.

Watch the full In The Know interview above to learn more about Caly and her story.