Groom sexually assaulted bridesmaid 2 days before wedding ceremony: Police


A newlywed husband has been charged after allegedly sexually assaulting one of his wife's bridesmaids two days before his wedding.

Daniel J. Carney, 28, of Stroudsburg, Pa., was arraigned Monday on charges of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, assault and indecent assault over the Aug. 30 incident, which took place at The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort in Pennsylvania, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports. He has since been released on $100,000 unsecured bail and is due back in court next month.

On the day of the alleged assault, the wedding party had gone out rafting and paddle boarding on the Deleware River and had been drinking vodka and beer when one of the bridesmaids, a 29-year-old Oregon woman, became intoxicated to the point of memory impairment, according to court documents. The group returned to the inn around 8 p.m., when Carney was asked by his future wife to help the woman back to her room.

The victim later told police she remembers waking up in a shower inside the hotel's men's locker with Carney on top of her, fondling her while her bikini bottoms were removed.

Authorities who reviewed footage from the inn said surveillance cameras caught Carney pulling the woman, who looked "extremely unsteady on her feet," into the locker room where the alleged assault took place, WNEP reports.

The bride allegedly walked in during the encounter and began screaming at Carney. The couple then went out into the hotel parking lot, where a physical altercation ensued.

The wedding went on as planned on Sept. 1, to the surprise of many. According to a criminal complaint, Carney texted the victim the day of the ceremony asking her, "can we just be as happy as possible" for the bride, and urging her to take emergency contraceptive.

During a Sept. 2 phone call, which the Monroe County District Attorney's Office granted police approval to listen in on, Carney allegedly admitted to the victim that he sexually assaulted her but claimed they did not have penetrative sex. He also admitted his guilt and repeatedly apologized to her, police say.

Carney and his wife, who are still married, were seen leaving a Monroe County courtroom on Monday, hand-in-hand, following his arraignment.