Teacher shares gut-wrenching moment a hungry student made her cry in front of her classroom

A Tennesee teacher went viral after posting about a hungry student earlier this month, and now her kindness is spreading far beyond one classroom. 

Brooke Goins, a teacher at Jacksboro Elementary School, took to Facebook to share a story about a jarring question she recently received from a student.

"He asked when the lady that puts food in his backpack was coming," Goins wrote. "It caught me off guard, because it is our guidance counselor and I wasn’t sure what he needed. I told him I wasn’t sure about this week since it is a short week. He told me he was out of it at home and needed more."

The teacher realized her student often relied on food distributed by the school's counselor, but that this week, those supplies had run out. It was an incident that immediately left her feeling emotional.  

"I lost it, I cried in front of 20 little people. No kid should ever be hungry, ever," her post read. 

Goins knew she had to do something, so she texted a group of her fellow teachers, who decided to pool their money together and go shopping for the child, buying soup, applesauce and SpaghettiOs. 

"I did not write this for anyone to get praise, nobody did it for the praise," Goins wrote. "I want people to know that teachers are humans, we love your kids and want the very best for them."

The Facebook post has now been shared more than 18,000 times, but Goins' story has now spread far beyond social media. The teacher updated her post a few days later to announce that her school is starting a food pantry to help other students in need.

"Students will be able to get food whenever needed! If you would like to help, we are accepting food donations as well as hygiene products," Goins wrote. 

Anyone who would like to donate can send supplies to 164 Jacksboro Elementary School Road, Jacksboro, TN 37757, using FOOD PANTRY as the package description. As for the original student, Goins assured Facebook users that he won't have to worry about going hungry any time soon. 

"Our principal also made sure to let me know that if he needed anything from the snack closet at school, that I could go in and grab it for him! I work at an amazing school with awesome people who truly love what they do!" she wrote.