Viral clip shows woman provoking lion inside zoo enclosure

A bystander filmed a woman climbing inside the lion enclosure at the Bronx Zoo this past Saturday. After getting herself inside, she then proceeded to taunt the animal by waving her arms and dancing around — seemingly oblivious to how dangerous the situation was.

In the In The Know video above, the footage shows how the lion slowly took a couple steps towards her, which left the woman unfazed.

The Bronx Zoo has officially filed a complaint of criminal trespassing, issuing a statement saying that the woman's behavior was a "serious violation."

NYPD Detective Sophia Mason told CNN in an interview that none of the witnesses called 911. NYPD was notified about the incident Tuesday morning.

As of now, no arrest has been made. Videos circulating on social media suggest that when she hopped over the fence separating zoo patrons from the lion, an alarm went off, but the most action witnesses took was asking her to come back over the fence because it wasn't safe.

Watch the In The Know video to see the viral clip.