Teen says memory 'resets' every 2 hours, thinks every day is June 11

A freak accident earlier this year has made it difficult for one Illinois teenager to remember anything and, strangely, believe it's one particular date every day, she claims.

In an interview with WQAD, Riley Horner, of Kirkwood, revealed that she wakes up every morning thinking it's June 11, even though that day passed months ago.

"I have a calendar on my door, and I look, and it's September, and I'm like 'Woah,'" she told the station.

That day, however, carries some significance. Three months ago, the teenager was reportedly at the State FFA Convention — an event centered on agricultural education— when she was accidentally kicked in the head by a student who was crowd surfing.

Since then, Horner has allegedly suffered several seizures and made multiple visits to the hospital. During her first visit to a doctor, she was purportedly told that she was simply experiencing a concussion and was sent home with crutches.

"They tell us there's nothing medically wrong," her mother Sarah said. "They can't see anything. You can't see a concussion though on an MRI or a CT scan. There's no brain bleed, there's no tumor."

To stay on top of things, Riley said she has to carry a notebook and pencil throughout the day to remind herself of even the simplest tasks, such as how to get to her locker. She also regularly writes detailed notes in class, takes pictures of them and sets an alarm every two hours to revisit the material she's learned.

"I'm not making memories," she told WQAD. "And I'm just, like, really scared."

Riley's mother said that doctors told her that her daughter's inability to remember things might stick with her for the rest of her life.

"We need help," Sarah said. "We need somebody that knows a little bit more because she deserves better. I mean she wanted to be in the medical field and now she can’t even hold a job if she wanted to."