Hiker's terrifying 50-foot fall from cliff captured on her GoPro

Heather Friesen was hiking the Ka'au Crater Trail in Hawaii with friends when the unthinkable happened: Her foot slipped out from under her on the wet rock and she plummeted 50 feet down into the rapid waters below — filming the entire time with the GoPro that was strapped to her head.

She suffered a collapsed left lung, fractured her shoulder blade and broke 10 ribs.

The harrowing footage starts out with her in awe of the nature surrounding her, and then suddenly she lets out a yelp.

"You can see in the video there's kinda this little trickle of water that was in the shadows, which I didn't see," Heather said in her interview with Inside Edition. "I stepped right on it and my right foot came out from under me, so I started falling."

The entire ordeal was captured by her camera. Heather said she tried to slow down the fall, but to no avail.

"There was this little ridge on the waterfall right by my left hand — I can still picture it in my head — and I was like, 'I'm going to grab on,' but it was too slippery so I kept falling."

The video shows her moaning in pain in the water, until one of her friends was able to find her and pull her up. He's filmed in the video helping her walk and calling out for more help.

"I could barely breathe," Heather said. "That's why I knew something was wrong, because my left lung had collapsed."

She ended up being airlifted to a nearby hospital. The incident happened in 2016, but the video has just been released. Watch the Inside Edition clip above to see the footage.