Boy, 13, solves 27-year-old cold case with GoPro camera: 'I always like to question things'

A 13-year-old Canadian boy is being praised after he cracked a 27-year-old cold case with just a GoPro camera, according to CTV News.

Last month, Max Werenka, of Sherwood Park, Alberta, noticed something unusual under the surface of Griffin Lake in British Columbia, where his family owns several cabins.

"I always like to question things," he told the station.

The mysterious object, which had been resting 15 feet below water and was just 10 feet off the side of a major highway, appeared to be an overturned car, but the boy's family said they were unsure at first.

"We didn't think at the time there was much to it," said Max's mother, Nancy.

Photo: Handout

Several days later, on August 21, Mounties from Revelstoke arrived at the scene, where Max reportedly guided them.

"We took them out in our boat, showed them the area where it was," he said.

The 13-year-old then dove into the lake with his GoPro camera, which confirmed that the object in question was, in fact, an overturned, 1980s black Honda. Authorities returned with a diving team three days later to investigate.

"When we initially heard someone was in that vehicle, my heart just sank," Nancy said.

Divers were able to pull the car's license plate number and learned that it was registered to 69-year-old Janet Farris, who had been driving to Alberta by herself one autumn 27 years ago, according to Cpl. Thomas Blakney. Police do not believe the woman's death was suspicious.

"I couldn't imagine for that many years, not understanding what happened to a loved one," Max told the station.

Upon receiving the news, Farris's family said they were relieved to finally have closure. Authorities have since commended the 13-year-old for his "outstanding" work.

"The [Royal Canadian Mounted Police] will probably be looking at this guy down the road for potential employment," Blakney joked.