Georgia murder suspect tortured, taunted victims in 'eenie, meenie, minie, mo' game: Police

A Georgia man accused of killing a 21-year-old college student allegedly spent hours torturing her and her friends beforehand, according to WXIA-TV.

Atlanta police said on Friday that Anthony Goss — who is charged with murder, rape and a number of other crimes related to the killing of Te'a Denise Liger — even played a game of "eenie, meenie, minie, mo" with his victims.

At a preliminary hearing for Goss, 28, authorities laid out the details surrounding the incident, which a prosecutor called "some of the most horrific facts that the state has ever heard."

Det. Michael Young told the court that the night began with a carjacking. Goss and Roy Hill, his 18-year-old alleged accomplice, held Liger's two roommates at gunpoint as they left their apartment early in the morning of Aug. 23.

Goss and Hill took the roommates' phones and then forced them back into the apartment, where Liger was sleeping. From there, the two men spent around three hours torturing all three victims, including a period in which Goss taunted them as they were forced to kneel together on a mattress.

"They pulled the mattress over [the victims'] heads and played a game: Eenie, meenie, minie, mo, someone has got to go," Young said of the two men.

Goss also allegedly raped one of the roommates — who has remained anonymous throughout the investigation — while Liger was tied up in a closet. He eventually shot and killed Liger in what detectives described as an apparently random decision.

"Goss asks Hill, 'Didn't you say you wanted to kill somebody?' And Hill said no," Young said. "He says, 'Well somebody has to go. 'And he shot [Liger].'"

The other roommates managed to escape shortly after, when one of them lunged at Goss, wrestling his gun away as they rolled down a flight of stairs. Goss then escaped but left his phone behind, which police later used to identify him.

"By the grace of God this was not a triple homicide," Travis said.

Following the testimony, a judge determined there was probable cause to proceed with Goss's case. Hill, who also faces charges of murder, kidnapping and rape, will reportedly face a preliminary hearing this week.