Eric Trump blasted for going after Washington Post reporter

Eric Trump’s attempt to call out a Washington Post reporter appears to have backfired, with many on social media trolling him and expressing support for the reporter.

The criticism began after the president’s son tweeted a letter sent by the Post’s David Fahrenthold to a Trump Organization employee offering different ways he could be reached with information, even anonymously.

Eric Trump then commented pointedly: “These are the tactics used by the @WashingtonPost. @JeffBezos – you should be very proud.”

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However, journalists have since backed Fahrenthold, including New York Post reporter Nolan Hicks who jokingly asked if he could borrow the letter, saying, “It’s pretty, pretty good.”

And the Daily Beast’s Lachlan Markay tweeted in response, “Lol is this supposed to make Fahrenthold look bad? He looks like a total pro here.”

Meanwhile, Politico’s Jack Shafer pointed out, “@erictrump inadvertently helps @Fahrenthold recruit new sources.”