Terrifying video shows great white shark nudging fisherman's boat

A group of fishermen in Massachusetts had quite the scare recently when a great white shark swam a little bit too close to their boat. 

Matty Riley, a commercial fisherman from Hingham, and his friends were fishing in Cape Cod when the massive fish approached their vessel. Riley managed to capture the encounter and posted it on Instagram on Tuesday. 

"The most epic thing I've ever witnessed on the water," he wrote. "Great white sharks up to 20 ft in length feeding on a dead whale in Cape Cod Bay." 

In the video, some of the men aboard the boat express their amazement as the shark gets closer. 

"He's coming right up to the boat!" one person exclaims. 

"Look at the f***ing size of that thing!" he later says. 

The footage has since gotten more than 1,000 likes and over 100 comments. 

"You guys should have tried to catch it, but me personally, I would have been scared as hell and tried racing out there, and if I had no time to run away and it got close to my boat like that, I'm either hitting it with something hard on its nose or I'm stabbing this shark," one Instagram user wrote. 

"Awesome!!" another said. "Great white, giant squid and sperm whale are my bucket list of creatures I want to see in person. Congrats!"

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