San Francisco adopting new language for criminals, 'convicted felon' now will be called a 'justice-involved person'

The city of San Francisco is trying to change the public’s perception of criminals by introducing new language to refer to someone who committed a crime.

The Board of Supervisors put the changes in place in July.

So, from now on, according to Fox News, a “convicted felon” will be referred to as a “justice-involved person.”

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that a criminal released from custody will be called a “formerly incarcerated person” or a “returning resident.”

Supervisor Matt Haney told the paper quote, “We don’t want people to be forever labeled for the worst things that they have done. We want them, ultimately to become contributing citizens, and referring to them as felons is like a scarlet letter that they can never get away from.”

Now, according to Fox News, crime in the city has gone up seeing one of the highest crime rates in the country.

The new language hasn’t yet been endorsed by the Mayor.