Patrick Mahomes (and his mohawk) team up with Head & Shoulders to settle a heated debate

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is the reigning Most Valuable Player of the National Football League – and now, he's the MVP for haircare as well.

Mahomes, who rose to fame in late 2017 when he first started under center for the Chiefs, has become known for his signature hairstyle. Young football fans in Kansas City and beyond have taken to asking their hair stylists for "The Mahomes," a long, curly mohawk with shaved sides that the popular quarterback accessorizes with a headband during games – to keep it upright and prevent helmet hair, of course.

The 23-year-old's iconic style has been with him since he was young. It began as a challenge with a friend to see who could grow their hair the longest before caving in and cutting it.

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Mahomes powered through what he called a few "rough stages" during the growth period and quickly became attached to the longer locks. Years later, the style has become an essential part of who he is.

patrick mahomes, kansas city chiefs
patrick mahomes, kansas city chiefs

Patrick Mahomes during the 2018 season (Getty Images)

"As I grew it out, I realized that I actually liked it a lot," he told AOL Sports. "So, I kept it going."

What began as a simple style choice for Mahomes has now become even more iconic and fruitful as he joins the Head & Shoulders family, a brand that has long been linked to the NFL after its well-known commercials featuring former Pittsburgh Steelers strong safety Troy Polamalu and his own lengthy curls.

troy polamalu, pittsburgh steelers
troy polamalu, pittsburgh steelers

Troy Polamalu (Getty Images)

"I grew up watching the commercials with Troy," Mahomes said. "Of course, having the mohawk, I knew that was one of the things I wanted to look into and hopefully get a chance to be a partner with them."

The two football stars joined forces with the official shampoo of the NFL to debate one of the hottest topics in the league (and self-care) today: offense or defense?

The age-old adage has always stated that "offense wins games, but defense wins championships." The defensive-minded side of the crowd may have taken the lead in the argument this year after Super Bowl LIII, the lowest-scoring Super Bowl in history, which included several momentous plays by each team's defense.

Mahomes, however, is all-in on offense:

Throughout the upcoming season, which is the NFL's 100th, Mahomes and Polamalu will be sharing their perspectives on the offense versus defense debate, both on the field and when caring for their famous hairstyles.

patrick mahomes, troy polamalu, kansas city chiefs, pittsburgh steelers
patrick mahomes, troy polamalu, kansas city chiefs, pittsburgh steelers

Patrick Mahomes and Troy Polamalu for Head & Shoulders (StarTracks/Michael Simon)

Mahomes has done his part to support his chosen side of the debate. He and his Chiefs were a part of the highest-scoring "Monday Night Football" game ever played, a 54-51 loss to the Los Angeles Rams this past November.

He also put up 31 points – 24 of which came in the fourth quarter – in last season's AFC Championship game against a New England Patriots defense that went on to keep the Rams to just 3 points in Super Bowl LIII.

"The NFL is always going to go back and forth between the offense and the defense," Mahomes said on behalf of Head & Shoulders. "Guys are going to challenge each other, guys are going to figure out what the offense is doing, offensive coordinators are going to figure out what the defense is doing."

"That's the best thing about it. You never know, any Sunday, if it's going to be a high-scoring week or if it's going to be a game where you have to battle through to the very end and find a way to win it."

One thing fans do know every Sunday is that Mahomes and his mohawk will be at the stadium looking fresh. The star quarterback says he gets his hair cut once a week on the day before games in order to remain clean-cut and lets his hair air dry after each of his "couple of showers" during the day.

Another popular aspect of Mahomes's game may not be making an appearance this season, though. He says he hopes to steer clear of making any left-handed passes "unless it's absolutely necessary."

"Hopefully we can stick with the right hand for now," he said, adding to his list of hopes that also includes making it to – and winning – Super Bowl LIV.