Patriots QB Brady: Home sale not New England white flag

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Tom Brady listed his home for sale, and the New England Patriots' longtime quarterback is confident you shouldn't care.

"You shouldn't read into anything. I think it takes a long time to sell a house. My house is a little bit of an expensive one, so it doesn't fly off the shelf in a couple weeks," Brady said on WEEI radio on Monday. "I think I'm at a point in my life where there's a lot of considerations that go into playing. I have a very busy professional life, I have a very busy personal life. Any decision that's made has to consider everything. I'm certainly at a place where I've been in the same place for a long time, and I love playing for the Patriots. I have such a great relationship with Mr. (Robert) Kraft, Coach (Bill) Belichick and our team. We'll just worry about that when that happens. This isn't the time to worry about it."

Brady and Gisele Bundchen listed their Massachusetts mansion for $39.5 million as he turned 42 and signed a restructured contract with the Patriots in the span of about nine days.

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The timing is not significant, per Brady, who said Monday he's considering life beyond football. That includes interest in a career in architectural design. Brady has been less certain about where and how long he'd continue his career in measured words since signing the new deal with the Patriots that includes a clause that would make him a free agent in March 2020. On Monday he said his goal to play until age 45 hasn't changed.

"I think I'm in a great mental, emotional place to approach the season," Brady said on the program. "There is no point in worrying about things like that. There are so many hypotheticals -- this and that -- and if you spend all your time and energy on those things, you (lose) track of what's most important, which is what's happening right now. This is where I want to be. This is the team I want to be a part of, and leading. I'm really excited about doing that. There's really not much to read into it than that."

The future of Belichick could become an annual topic of conversation in New England, particularly if the coach-QB combination continues to collect Lombardi trophies. Their next will be their seventh together, and Belichick has never publicly committed to anything beyond the current season.

"I think what this is about is this season and dealing with this year. Beyond this year, whether it's signing five more years, or signing a franchise tag, or not playing, none of those things needed to be decided this year," Brady said. "I'm just focused on this season and being in the right mental, emotional frame of mind to go out there and perform at the highest level. Like I said, I have such a great relationship with the team. I've had 20 years of success with Mr. Kraft, and Jonathan (Kraft), and with Coach Belichick, with the whole organization. All the coaches. They know how I feel about them. We've just done some great things. We're going to try to go do it again this year. It takes a lot to get from now to March, and I don't want to overlook the big challenge that we're facing. I don't want my mind convoluted with thoughts that are premature, and ones that I'm worried about beyond what the current situation is -- which is us trying to go achieve what we all hope we can achieve. That's where my focus is and that's what I'm excited about. So let's go, baby! Put me in, Coach. I'm ready to go play."

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