American Airlines passenger smashes laptop on partner's head in viral clip

An unruly passenger was removed from an American Airlines plane at Miami International Airport Sunday after she smashed a laptop over her partner's head for allegedly looking at another woman.

The shocking incident was captured on video by another passenger on the Los Angeles-bound flight and was shared on Twitter and YouTube by Julia Scorupco, who was on the plane when the fight broke out. In total, both versions of the clip have racked up nearly 10 million views. 

In the viral footage, the woman, identified by police as Tiffany McLemore, can be heard shouting expletives and racist profanities at her partner as she accuses him of ogling another woman on the flight.

"You want to try to f***ing look at other women, n*****?" McLemore yells. "Nah, f*** you! You ain't gonna look at other women, and you ain't gonna tell me you're looking at other women."

When a flight attendant informs McLemore that there is a small child in the seat behind her, in an attempt to get her to tone down her language, the irate passenger replies, "Yeah I know, I f***ing consoled the f***ing child."

Scorupco wrote on YouTube that the comment was in reference to another crying baby McLemore apparently helped console on the flight before the altercation.

The flight attendant then asks McLemore to bring her bag to the front of the plane, but she ignores her and continues feuding with her partner, who eventually tells her she is "out of control," accuses her of assaulting him and stands up to leave the grounded plane.

McLemore grows even more incensed and, following her partner, screams, "Oh, I'm assaulting you? I'm assaulting you?" before allegedly slamming a laptop on his head and punching and shoving him multiple times. The violent act was met with horrified screams and gasps by passengers in the surrounding area.

As flight attendants try to stop her from returning to her seat, McLemore assures them she is only returning to get her purse. On her way off the plane with her belongings, a male flight attendant warns her, "You're going to get charged with assault."

"Fine, whatever," she acknowledges nonchalantly.

Officials with the Miami-Dade Police Department told Yahoo Lifestyle that McLemore, who was on a connecting flight to Los Angeles from Ecuador, walked away after deboarding and that a search for her "yielded negative results."

They also told the outlet that she didn't answer her phone and that her partner, who she calls "Memo" in the viral clip, "refused to write a statement and was uncooperative."

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