Dramatic video shows man trying to sneak onto plane by climbing onto its wing before takeoff

A man attempted to sneak aboard a flight to a Nigerian city last Friday by climbing onto the plane's wing. 

A video shared by Otto Orondaam, an executive director at a nonprofit organization that serves underserved communities in Africa, shows the anonymous individual scaling the engine of a Boeing 737 before he makes it to the top of the plane's left wing. As the unusual scene unfolds, passengers on the plane watch in shock. 

"Guys this is an [emergency]," Orondaam wrote. "For 30 minutes we have been stuck at the runway at MMIA by an unidentified man who ran to the aircraft with a bag. Security has not showed up and everyone is panicking. I have so many questions to ask but right now I can't even breathe." 

Orondaam said the man ran toward the moving aircraft as it taxied on the runway. 

"The pilot and a few passengers spotted him running towards the aircraft and the pilot immediately slowed down and quickly put off the engine," Orondaam explained. 

The man then allegedly threw his bag into one of the plane's engines, Orondaam said. 

The Boeing was reportedly operated by Azman Air and was scheduled to fly from Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos to Port Harcourt International Airport. The man, however, purportedly wanted to travel to Ghana, according to the blog One Mile at a Time.

In an update, Orondaam said the daredevil — who is seen in another clip seemingly greeting the passengers on the plane — was arrested and that the passengers had to disembark following the incident. 

"[Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria] authorities showed up 23 minutes into the scene but were scared to approach him," he wrote. "Security eventually shows up after 37 minutes." 

As of Tuesday afternoon, Orondaam's post has received nearly 3,000 likes and almost 800 comments from shocked Instagram users.

"Kudos to the pilot," one person wrote. "Could have damaged the engine after the engine would have barbecued him." 

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