Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce attends wedding of deserving fans

Rumor has it that if you send a wedding invite to Oprah, Mickey and Minnie Mouse or Queen Elizabeth, you'll receive a returned RSVP that may even include a small gift or a personalized note. 

Of course, the odds of your favorite celebrity actually attending your nuptials are slim – unless you're Kansas City Chiefs fans Matt and Taylor Hubbard. 

The Hubbards were selected as the winners of one of the NFL's "Experiences of a Lifetime" in honor of the league's 100th season. The couple applied to have the Chiefs' superstar tight end Travis Kelce attend their wedding ceremony and reception, and the stars aligned perfectly.

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"The only time I had any interaction with them [before the wedding] was the video I sent letting them know I was going to be at their wedding and that they had won the contest for the NFL 100," Kelce told AOL.com of the Hubbards. "I lucked out because it was an absolutely unbelievable wedding and an unbelievable crew."

Part of Taylor Hubbard's pitch to the NFL was her family's long history of being Chiefs season ticket holders. Her grandmother, Grandma Donna, is what Taylor calls a "professional tailgater" and jumped at the chance to dance with Kelce, a self-proclaimed "freestyler," at the reception. 

"It was really cool to feel how much she loved the Chiefs," Kelce, said of Grandma Donna. "You could just feel how long she's been a Chiefs fan, how much it meant to her as a person to meet a Chiefs player."

See photos of Kelce and the Hubbards at the wedding: 

Travis Kelce crashes a fan wedding
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Travis Kelce crashes a fan wedding
Travis Kelce dances with Taylor Hubbard's grandmother.
Travis Kelce with Matt and Taylor Hubbard on their wedding day.
Travis Kelce with Matt and Taylor Hubbard on their wedding day.
Travis Kelce joins the wedding party at Matt and Taylor Hubbard's wedding.

Other than the time he spent with fans, Kelce said his favorite part of the wedding was cutting the special Chiefs cake provided for the Hubbards – though he's sure his future wife is going to have some feelings about his partaking in such a tradition before his own wedding. 

The NFL will also be treating the Hubbards and their wedding party to a game at the Bud Lite Suite at Arrowhead Stadium this preseason, and Kelce said he hopes to "score a few touchdowns for them" when they're there. 

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