Woman allegedly set house on fire after finding big spider

A Missouri woman was charged with second-degree arson after she allegedly found a big spider inside a home on Tuesday and subsequently set the house on fire, KCTV reports.

Alexcia Berry was arrested after a resident in Kansas City sent officers surveillance footage that led them to her. Authorities said Berry admitted to the crime but blamed an arachnid for provoking her.

The station earlier reported that the house may have possibly been used for drug activity.

"You keep hearing rumors about drug addicts left and right, and we have been trying to keep it clear, but it ain't nothing we can do for real," said a resident who identified himself as Damon.

An investigation by KCTV revealed that the house had also, in fact, been on Kansas City's dangerous building list. Though officials had allegedly tried to contact the homeowner twice, they did not receive a response.

Damon told the station that he had previously seen multiple fires at the home and is glad that law enforcement was able to apprehend the person responsible for the most recent blaze.

"I’m glad someone did record it to catch one of those idiots — know what I’m saying — because that got to stop," he said.

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