Florida father allegedly zip-tied son to plywood and forced him to sleep without a mattress

A Florida father was arrested after he allegedly used zip ties to strap his 13-year-old son to a piece of plywood. 

In a press release, the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office announced on Thursday that it had charged Frank McKay, 41, along with his girlfriend Adecia Johnson, 38, with aggravated child abuse and false imprisonment. The police had received reports of suspected abuse on Sunday. 

Upon executing a search warrant at McKay's home, law enforcement purportedly discovered the zip ties and plywood. 

"According to the 13-year-old victim, McKay bound the child to a piece of plywood where he was forced to sleep without a mattress or any linens," police said. "The child was given a salad, a banana and two bottles of water a day while bound to the plywood."

Authorities later learned through interviews that the unidentified teenager was also bound at Johnson's home. 

McKay had reportedly been arrested more than a dozen times in Sarasota County for crimes including nonpayment of child support, possession of cocaine and burglary. Both he and Johnson were held without bond. 

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