Hillary Clinton Bashes Donald Trump's Fourth Of July Military Extravaganza

Hillary Clinton is speaking out against President Donald Trump’s flashy display of military might for the Fourth of July, adding her voice to widespread criticisms of the event.

“We need a strong national defense, but a president shouldn’t need it next to him in a parade to show his patriotism,” she wrote Thursday in a tweet.

Trump has been accused of hijacking this year’s festivities in Washington, D.C., where he plans to showcase tanks and fighter jets for his “Salute to America” at the Lincoln Memorial.

A U.S. Army spokesperson told viewers of local CBS affiliate WUSA-TV not to panic as tanks began moving into the streets earlier this week.

The spectacle has also prompted the closure of the city’s airspace for the first time in four years, affecting almost 100 scheduled flights, according to CNN.

The Pentagon appears to be attempting to avoid bad press related to the event. It reportedly distributed instruction cards to troops, reminding them to be careful when speaking to reporters and coaching them to express pride in their jobs and their tanks.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.
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