Authorities looking into missing student's dating apps

Justin Chan

Utah authorities are looking into a missing college student's dating apps after she allegedly hopped into an unknown vehicle in North Salt Lake last week, according to the New York Post.

Salt Lake City police announced at a press conference on Tuesday that they were investigating 23-year-old Mackenzie Lueck's dating life after they were tipped off about her interest in older men. Lueck was reportedly seeing several people casually prior to her disappearance.

"In regards to her online activity, we are aware of this aspect and continue to look into all facets of her life for leads into her disappearance," Assistant Police Chief Tim Doubt said.

Two weekends ago, Lueck — a native of El Segundo, Calif., who currently majors in kinesiology and pre-nursing at the University of Utah — returned from California after attending her grandmother's funeral. Her parents last heard from her around 1 a.m. on June 17, when she texted them to let them know that she had arrived at the Salt Lake City airport.

That same morning, the college student purportedly ordered a Lyft to Hatch Park, a 20-minute drive from her home near campus, where she entered another person's vehicle around 3 a.m. In a statement, the ride-share company said her route "contained no irregularities and ended at the destination entered by the rider."

"We recognize how scary this must be for those who know and love Ms. Lueck," Lyft said. "The safety of our community is fundamental to Lyft and we are actively assisting law enforcement with their investigation."

Police said that they didn't have any specific information regarding the make of the vehicle Lueck last entered or the identity of the person she was last seen with. Her Lyft driver had supposedly told cops that she did not appear to be in distress when he saw her with the unknown individual.

“The description we have is vague. It could’ve been a male or female,” Doubt said. “We have exhausted all avenues of determining this information and are asking that person, please call us.”

At Tuesday's press conference, authorities released the last known photos of Lueck. Surveillance images from the airport show the student leaving the terminal with her luggage.

Police previously encountered the college student on three separate occasions, although they were quick to note that they did not believe those interactions have anything to do with her disappearance, according to KSL. Lueck ran into police once for a speeding ticket in 2015, another time in relation to an assault last year and a third time when she recovered lost property six months ago.

Since the 23-year-old went missing, her friends and sorority sisters have conducted small unofficial searches. Several told local stations earlier this week that her inactivity over the past few days has been bizarre.

"For her to not reach out to me is very unlike her. She is usually in touch with me every day," Kennedy Stoner, one of Lueck's close friends, told the Salt Lake Tribune. "We don’t believe she would miss a midterm because she was stressed. I am positive something is wrong. ... I don’t believe she would go off and not contact one person."

Lueck is about 5’6” tall and weighs 120 pounds. She has blonde hair and brown eyes. Anybody with any information regarding her disappearance should contact the Salt Lake City Police at (801) 799-3000.