Trump: 'I did not send' message to Tehran warning of attack

Thomson Reuters

WASHINGTON, June 23 (Reuters) - President Donald Trump told NBC News on Sunday that he did not send a message to Tehran warning Iran of a U.S. attack, which he later called off.

Iranian sources told Reuters that Trump had warned Tehran via Oman that a U.S. attack was imminent, but had said he was against war and wanted talks.

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"I did not send that message," Trump said on NBC's Meet the Press program, adding, "I'm not looking for war."

Asked what he thinks Iran wants, he said, "I think they want to negotiate. And I think they want to make a deal. And my deal is nuclear. Look, they're not going to have a nuclear weapon ... I don't think they like the position they're in. Their economy is, is absolutely broken." (Reporting by Kevin Drawbaugh Editing by Phil Berlowitz)