Woman says she vomited blood at Dominican hotel where another woman died

A New York City woman has come forward with her own harrowing experience at a Dominican Republic resort where a Pennsylvania woman died last month, the New York Daily News reports. 

Awilda Montes, 43, told the newspaper last Friday that she took a sip of what she thought was 7Up —  which was taken from the minibar in her room at the Luxury Bahia Principe Bouganville — until she started vomiting blood. She suspected something was off and assumed that hotel employees may have used the soda bottle for something else and accidentally left it in her room.

"I thought the maid service, maybe to not carry the bleach bottle from room to room, would maybe put it into a smaller bottle. Or maybe they were trying to take it home to clean their house," she said. 

Montes said the "drink" she took left chemical burns in her mouth. Medical records from a local clinic, which she provided to the Daily News, detailed "a pain in the dorsal and lateral region of the tongue, accompanied with vomiting … with a frequency of two occasions following the (ingestion) of a liquid approximately thirty minutes ago."

The hotel purportedly offered to give Montes and her then boyfriend a free couples massage and dinner in exchange for her signature on a non-disclosure agreement, but Montes said she turned both down. 

"I was miserable," she said. "I was vomiting. I had stomach pains. The chemical burns were all over. I still don’t have sensation in my tongue."

The incident ultimately ruined her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, who was with her to celebrate their first anniversary at the time, Montes said. 

"The next day I was nauseous," she claimed. "I was in pain, and all I could have was ice."

Montes said she decided to go public with her experience after learning that three Americans died in the same vicinity within a week. Miranda Schaup-Werner of Pennsylvania died at the nearby Bahia Principe Hotel in La Romana on May 25 after she suddenly collapsed from a drink she had. Five days later, Edward Nathaniel Holmes, 63, and Cynthia Day, 49, of Prince George's County, Md., were found dead in their room at the same hotel that Montes stayed at. 

The New York City woman told the Daily News that she suspects something evil is at play. 

"I honestly never imagined that somebody was trying to purposely do that until now, until watching the three deaths," Montes said. "Now I’m thinking had [the hotel] investigated this mystery, they would be alive."

In a statement, Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts said it would not comment any further on the three incidents but suggested that it would take legal action over what it perceived was "the dissemination of false information."

"Serious insults and threats have been levied against some of our more than 15,000 employees and their families, who are the backbone of our company and before whom we cannot stand idle on the sideline," the statement read. 

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