Fox host slams Alabama's abortion ban as 'too restrictive'


Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren came out against Alabama’s “restrictive” abortion law, tweeting that it puts women in a lethal scenario.

The conservative television host steeled herself, tweeting Thursday, “I will be attacked by fellow conservatives for saying this but so be it, this Alabama abortion ban is too restrictive. It doesn’t save life, it simply forces women into more dangerous methods, other states or countries. You don’t encourage life via blanket government mandate!”

Lahren, along with many Democratic and Republican lawmakers, denounced the Southern state’s law, signed Wednesday by governor Kay Ivey, that bans abortion, even in cases of incest and rape. According to CNN, exceptions are made for ectopic pregnancies "to avoid a serious health risk to the unborn child's mother," and if the "unborn child has a lethal anomaly." Under the law, abortion providers could face up to 99 years in prison.

Vox reports the law will go into effect six months from now and will face challenges from Planned Parenthood and legal groups.

On Thursday, when a follower called Lahren “anti-Christian” for her opinion, she tweeted, “If you think banning abortion with no exception for rape or incest will stop women from terminating pregnancy, you’re not being honest with yourself. P.S. you’re not God so don’t you dare evaluate my Christian faith based on your moral superiority complex.”

Lahren’s views surprised, well, most everyone.

Lahren has a strong record defending abortion rights — in 2017, the 26-year-old told the hosts of The View, “You know what? I’m for limited government, so stay out of my guns, and you can stay out of my body as well.”

She also reportedly said on the show, “I’m pro choice, and here’s why. I am … someone that loves the Constitution. I’m someone that’s for limited government. So I can’t sit here and be a hypocrite and say I’m for limited government but I think the government should decide what women do with their bodies.”

The author and host later tweeted, “Listen, I am not glorifying abortion. I don't personally advocate for it. I just don't think it's the government's place to dictate,” adding, “Conservatives don’t have to exist in a monolith and share the same brain on every issue. It’s okay.”

Georgia recently passed a ban on abortions after six weeks of pregnancy or until “detectable human heartbeat exists” and the ACLU and Planned Parenthood are currently suing the state of Ohio for its six-week abortion ban. On Thursday, Missouri politicians discussed banning abortion at eight weeks of pregnancy, with no considerations for rape or incest.

Stars slam new Alabama abortion bill
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Stars slam new Alabama abortion bill
take a look. these are the idiots making decisions for WOMEN in America. Governor Kay Ivey...SHAME ON YOU!!!!
#AlabamaAbortionBan #Alabama #AlabamaSenate #NoUterusNoOpinion #PlannedParenthood #ProChoice I love you Alabama pra…
Take a minute to read this. It’s maddening. We are regressing.
These statehouses are waging all-out war on women and their right to control their reproductive decisions. This is…
Of those 25 men who voted to ban abortion in Alabama, I’d like to know how many of them have ever been pregnant. Or…
This week, 25 old white men voted to ban abortion in Alabama even in cases of incest and rape. These men in power are imposing their wills onto the bodies of women in order to uphold the patriarchy and perpetuate the industrial prison complex by preventing women of low economic opportunity the right to choose to not reproduce. The states trying to ban abortion are the states that have the highest proportions of black women living there. This is about class and race and is a direct attack on the fundamental human rights women in the US deserve and are protected by under Roe vs. Wade. Our bodies, our choice.
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Good grief. Women should have the same autonomy over our bodies that men do. If we don’t have autonomy we don’t ha…
There is a cold place in hell for the Alabama Senate.
This is awful. Outrageous. Unconstitutional.
The retrograde Alabama criminalizes abortion even in the case of rape and incest. Voted for overwhelmingly by GOP m…
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Do what the Alabama government refuses to do: help women by donating to the Donating is as…
Every single State senator who voted to restrict reproductive rights for women, was a man.
Good morning, women. Make no mistake. This is war.
You’re right to be horrified. Your life and your body are your own. Now we find ways to help those most impacted. L…
This only ends with impeachment - and people in the streets RT @AshleyBC137: 😳😨

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