Transgender weightlifter smashes women's world records, sparking backlash from Olympians

A transgender weightlifter is receiving backlash after racking up multiple wins during the 100% Raw Weightlifting Federation competition in Virginia over the weekend.

Mary Gregory, an American powerlifter and strength coach, took to Instagram on Sunday to announce she had gone "9 for 9" at the competition and broken four women's world records: Masters world squat record, open world bench record, Masters world deadlift record and Masters world total record.

"Still processing, full meet recap to come a bit later," she wrote, before thanking those who made her feat possible, including the competition's organizers.

"A huge thank you to @raw_powerlifting_federation_ , from the bottom of my heart!" Gregory said. "As a transgender lifter I was unsure what to expect going into this meet and everyone- all the spotters, loaders, referees, staff, meet director, all made me welcome and treated me as just another female lifter- thank you!"

Mary Gregory, transgender weightlifter, through her career
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Mary Gregory, transgender weightlifter, through her career
What a day, 9 for 9! Masters world squat record, open world bench record, masters world dl record, and masters world total record! Still processing, full meet recap to come a bit later but I do want to thank a few people!💜 - From our initial consultation I told @savvysavit that I wanted to cut to the 82.5kg class, go 9 for 9, and set some records- we did it!!! I don't think she was happy with me cutting but she was there offering her support. When I needed a pick me up or advice she was there! Thank you coach!💜 - A huge thank you to @raw_powerlifting_federation_ , from the bottom of my heart! As a transgender lifter I was unsure what to expect going into this meet and everyone- all the spotters, loaders, referees, staff, meet director, all made me welcome and treated me as just another female lifter- thank you! And thanks to all the fans in the audience who cheered me on and congratulated me!💜 - Thank @rrrrachele for making the trip out to support me today, video my lifts, and cheer me on!💜 - And thank you to all the peeps on Instagram who reached out to offer your support!💜 - Now for 🍷 and 🍕!!! - #transgenderwoman#sharetheplatform#transrightsarehumanrights#lgbtq#bemoreawesome#upliftandliftheavy#morefemalestrength#richmondbalance#liftlunchlearnrva#squat#bench#deadlift
#sharetheplatform shirt came in and it fits! Thanks @womensstrengthcoalition and @fearherfightathletics !!!❤️ - 4 weeks out, heavyish sqwat and binch singles with commands. Need to work on the timing on my press commands! Much harder than one thinks to give yourself commands!!! - @beefpuffbarbell @richmondbalance804 - #transisbeautiful#upliftandliftheavy#hereonpurpose#lgbtq🌈#wellmarbled#wewontbeerased#squats#benching#archingischeating#womenwholift#powerliftingwomen#powerliftingmotivation#girlswhopowerlift
One year ago I took my first steps in Public as openly female. Lots of things have changed! 💖 9 mos on hormones! 💖 no longer on anti depressants! 💖 changed my name! 💖 divorced and living on my own! 💖 on Instagram! 💖 have a Facebook page! 💖 down almost 35lbs! 💖 competed in my first Pull for Pride! 💖 joined a rad gym! 💖 actually made some legit gym PRs! 💖 started a new business! 💖 started reffing meets! 💖 made so many wonderful new friends!!! - My life has changed so much, gotten so much richer! A year ago I couldn't have imagined all this! So excited to see were the next year takes me!!! - #transgenderwoman#transisbeautiful#thisiswhattranslookslike#myjourney#mystory#transformationtuesday#lovinglife#liftlunchlearnrva#morefemalestrength#strongwomen
Gpp day! Woke up to decent DOMs from yesterday's training. Nothing like peaking for a meet to decondition you! - First time doing trap bar farmer's walks. I really like these! Felt great! - Band Pull Aparts superset w/ shoulder dislocates Pull ups superset w/ push ups 1 Leg kettle bell RDLs Strict kettle bell kneeling row Trap Bar Farmer's walk Ab wheels - #transisbeautiful#richmondbalance#sharetheplatform#bemoreawesome#upliftandliftheavy#morefemalestrength#liftlunchlearnrva#thefutureisfemale#powerliftingwomen#exodusstrength
As promised here is the full meet recap- what a day yesterday! One my best meets ever, not because of the records but because I was prepared, had a plan and flawlessly executed it! The records were just icing on the cake! - Friday night weighed in super light at 179.3lbs, 81.3kg! Over a kg under the class limit. - Squats, opener 130kg good lift. Opened a bit lighter than planned, was having issues with depth. Wanted to make sure I buried this one. 2nd attempt 138kg good lift. Chipped the VA State masters record here. Based on feels I knew I didn't have much left for thirds. 3rd attempt 142.5kg/ 314.2lbs good lift. Chipped the world masters record here. It felt much harder than it looked, I really don't think much more was there. - Bench, opener 100kg good lift. This was a world masters record. Couldn't get set up right and the pins we're a bit low. This was alot harder than I expected. 2nd attempt 102.5kg good lift. Broke my own record, took a hand off. This one felt the best out all three bench attempts. 3rd 105.5kg/ 232.6lbs good lift. Chipped the world open bench record. Got a fast press command luckily, this one again felt harder than it looked. Was struggling with tightness here, really don't think I had much left here as well. - DL opener 177.5kg good lift and world masters total record. This felt harder than I expected so I took a smaller jump for my 2nd. 2nd attempt 185kg good lift, world masters dl record. This felt really good. Starting to get in the groove. 3rd attempt 192.5kg/ 424.4lbs good lift and a 2.5kg PR! This didn't feel much different than 185kg but I didn't want to get greedy- the plan was 9 for 9 and I had a conservative PR. Felt great to end the strong! - Again, awesome day! Totaled 440.5kg/ 971.1lbs with a 399.5wilks. Thanks again to the all people who supported me, helped me, and cheered me on! 27 white lights, excited to get back too training and prepping for the next meet! - @savvysavit #transisbeautiful#sharetheplatform#powerliftingwomen#upliftandliftheavy#richmondbalance#morefemalestrength#exodusstrength#lgbtqsports#sumoischeating#deadlifts#benching#squats#bemoreawesome
Good morning! Selfie Tuesday, lol. Rare make up selfie, today is a special day. Off to DMV to officially change my name today! 💜 #mtftransgender#transisbeautiful#transgenderwoman#wewontbeerased#lgbtq🌈#myjourney#happy
Shh, don't tell anyone! When you get a new license your supposed to surrender the old one. I forgot and they didn't ask...🤷. Left to right- May 2018 about 1 month pre HRT, Dec 2018 about 6 months into HRT, and finally March 2019 about 9 months into HRT. - #transgenderwoman#transisbeautiful#mystory#transition
Exciting start to the week! 2 weeks out! Bw is down to 182.6lb/ 82.8kg- so close! - Being physically strong, having muscles is something I struggled with when I decided to transition. I decided to heck with it, I am going to be as physically strong as I can be! Been feeling jacked lately- and it feels good, even sexy! This is the first picture I ever remember being taken of my back! Thanks @pixitrainer for taking the pic! It surprised me, all that back work that coach prescribed is paying off! - And I passed out again after pulling- this time a bit more violently. Pretty sure it's the cut and the hormones- if wasn't so close to making weight I would say to heck with it and eat, lol. I am sure that would help! - I did widen my stance and tried to load my hips and hamstrings a bit. I liked it, feels good and even though it's not apparent in the video my legs locked out fractions of a second before my hips. Really happy with the way this is feeling and looking! - @savvysavit #transgenderwoman#sumoischeating#passingout#sharetheplatform#myjourney#powerliftingwomen#lgbtqsports#upliftandliftheavy#exodusstrength
Happy Hump Day! - Sumo DL 300x7, oops lost count! 315x6x2 sets - TNG bench 175x5 185x5x2 sets - SSB squat 135x10 145x10x2 sets - Keeping the intensity/ volume lowish this week. Kinda a low stress/ intro week coming off of the meet. At this stage in training I have RPE targets but I try to undershoot a bit. Building momentum! - #transgenderwoman#sharetheplatform#upliftandliftheavy#bemoreawesome#richmondbalance#exodusstrength#morefemalestrength#powerliftingwomen#liftlunchlearnrva
Thank you for making me look and feel beautiful Jordan @preach_the_bleach !!!💜 - #thisiswhattranslookslike#transisbeautiful#transgenderwoman#feelingbeautiful#platinumblonde#salonday
Hey 6 weeks out! Usually don't break up my training posts like this but bench was awesome today! - Comp bench 🎥 102.5kgx3@8.5ish overshot a bit but not because I put too much on the bar. On rep 2 bar got out of the groove and touched lower. Nice confidence booster to be able to power through, regroup, reset and make rep #3💪 - Slingshot bench 🎥 110kgx4@7.5 the first three reps were the best I think I have ever felt.The bar felt like it was gliding! - Slingshot bench 🎥 112.5kgx4@8ish. Love slingshot work, unrack/ self hand off is feeling strong! - @beefpuffbarbell - #mtftransgender#sharetheplatform#wewontbeerased#beefpuffintraining#slingshot #benching#archingischeating#powerliftingwomen
Today was the first meet I reffed since the USAPL trans blanket ban came out. At first I felt like I should quit being a USAPL ref and cancel my membership. How could I be apart of an organization that openly discriminates against me? - Then I received an email from the VA State Chair offering support and asking me for my opinion. So after alot of soul searching I decided to continue to be a part of this organization, to be visible and openly outspoken against the current policy banning us from competing. - After today I feel like I made the right decision. My state chair continues to offer his support for an inclusive platform for all lifters. And most importantly when had a chance to speak with a few people, being a ref is very busy lol, they asked if I lifted. I said no because the USAPL has banned all trans lifters. These people I spoke said that is bullshit and where actually shocked and upset- they hadn't heard about the ban! - I am going to continue to be apart of this organization in the hopes of sparking more conversation and opening people's eyes about the discrimination against trans lifters by the USAPL! - #mtftransgender#transisbeautiful#hereonpurpose#sharetheplatform#transrightsarehumanrights🌈#squats#benching#deadlifts#powerliftingmotivation#powerliftingwomen
Decided to switch things up and do something different- a gym selfie! Finished off the training week strong with a 10rm belt squat PR! - Conventional pause dl w/ bands 245x6, 260x6, 275x6@8 - TNG bench 165x8, 175x8, 185x8@8 - Belt sq 215x10, 230x10@8pr, 230x10, 230x10 - Glute Bridges and farmer's walks - @beefpuffbarbell @richmondbalance804 - #transisbeautiful#mtf#hereonpurpose#sharetheplatform#beefpuffintraining#beefpuff#squats#benching#deadlift#beltsquat#morefemalestrength
Happy Saturday! How's your Saturday going? Bloat is gone, and I have abs- sort of lol. This was a huge pick up this morning. - As someone who has struggled with weight/ overeating most of there life this proves that if you show up, do the work and eat reasonably clean you can make it happen! And I am doing this for me, not as punishment, not as a diet but to see how strong I can be, to accomplish something positive, and to be the healthiest version of me I can be! - Body weight is 193.6lbs this morning, going to keep the macros the same this week. - #transisbeautiful#wewontbeerased#transrightsarehumanrights#mtf#beefpuffintraining#powerliftingmotivation#powerliftingwomen#girlswhopowerlift#morefemalestrength#myjourney
Big PR today! @savvysavit asked how do I like sumo dls x8, love them lol. In November when I switched to Sumo I pulled 335x5@8 at that time a 5rm. Pulled 330x8@8 today, great way to start a training week! * SSB 180x6, 192.5x6, 🎥205x6@8 PR, 192.5x6 * Sumo DL 295x8, 312.5x8, 🎥330x8@8 PR * Dumbbell Suitcase DLs 85x10x3sets. Only the second time doing these, meant to grab 60s- was wondering why they felt heavy, 🤪love it when that happens though!💪❤️ * Some one legged RDLs and sled pushes superset with farmer's walks * @beefpuffbarbell * #mtftransgender#transgenderwoman#transisbeautiful#richmondbalance#wellmarbled#beefpufftakeover#sumodeadlift#sumoischeating#ssbsquats#squats#powerliftingwomen#girlswhopowerlift
Got an early start today so I could sneak into the salon and let Jordan work her magic! Absolutely love the color- she killed it!💜💜💜 Rolled right into slingshot bench- love slingshot work!, In the dining room, lol. Was scheduled to do this yesterday but called the session early because my left shoulder was acting up. Touched an 1" or 2" lower on my chest with the bar and that helped alleviate the shoulder pain. Sometimes you just gotta find a way to get the work done! * Slingshot bench 215x4, 230x4, 🎥245x4@8, 225x4, 225x4, 225x4, 225x4, 225x4@7 * @beyondthefringehairco @beefpuffbarbell * #mtftransgender#transisbeautiful#transgenderwoman#wellmarbled#beefpuff#slingshot#benching#girlswhopowerlift#powerliftingwomen#purplehairdontcare#purplehair
Really liking splitting my training up- this morning was TNG bench and this afternoon was DLs. Have decided to give sumo a try again. Worked up to 335x5. Feels more natural now than when I was heavier and strength is only marginally down from conventional! Still need to work on mechanics/ form a bit but was happy with top set! * #transgender#richmondbalance#morefemalestrength#girlswholift#deadlift#powerliftingwomen
Decided to throw out a selfie today. Forgot to film top bench set. Looks like I am on a downward swing strength wise again, missed 345 on Squats and 245 on bench was grindy. Had to drop working weight on floor presses, strength was not there today. Despite that good training session overall! Comp Squats 315*1, 330*1, 345miss 285*4, 270*4x3 sets Comp Bench 230*1, 240*1, 245*1 207.5*4, 200*4x3 sets 2" Deficit Deadlift 330*1, 350*1, 370*1 350*3, 330*3x4 sets Floor Press 165*8x4 sets
Decided to shake things up this afternoon!!! Loving the look and of course purple!!!❤️❤️❤️😁😁😁

However, despite her own enthusiasm, Gregory's win seems to have angered a few other athletes, including former British Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies and British track Olympian Kelly Holmes.

Davies took to Twitter to express her disdain over Gregory competing as a woman, writing, "This is a trans woman a male body with male physiology setting a world record & winning a woman’s event in America in powerlifting. A woman with female biology cannot compete. It’s a pointless unfair playing field."

Piggybacking on Davies' sentiment, Holmes chimed in, writing Gregory's record-setting was "a bloody joke" and that biological women may start to "boycott certain events."

"Have a trans category if need be but even better a trans games," she continued. "Otherwise i’m starting to worry about the backlash and abuse that the trans community will get from spectators. It will happen!"

Davies, a vocal supporter of Fair Play For Women, a group which describes itself as being "concerned about the impact of transgender policy on the participation of women and girls in sport," later returned to social media to double down on her critique.

"The reason we have men & women’s races are because we are biologically different," she wrote. "Performance 100% confirms that. The reason steroids (including testosterone) are on the banned list is because using them gives you an advantage. FairPlay is racing by biology by sex not by gender."

Despite some backlash and negative comments, Gregory expressed her gratitude to people on Instagram who "reached out to offer your support" following her wins.

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