Toddler limits dad's iPad use by locking it for almost 50 years

Evan Osnos may have to wait almost half a century before he can use his iPad, thanks to his 3-year-old son. 

The New Yorker staff writer shared on Twitter last Saturday that his son repeatedly tried to unlock the device, forcing Apple to lock the iPad for 25,536,442 minutes. That translates to just over 48 years. Osnos, who is currently 42 years old, will be nearly 90 when the iPad unlocks in 2067. 

The journalist pleaded for help on the social media platform and got some funny but not-so-useful advice from fellow users.

"Reboot your 3 y.o.," wrote software engineer Grady Booch. 

Others suggested putting the iPad in rice or calling "Tim Apple," a not-so-subtle shot at President Donald Trump for mixing up Apple CEO Tim Cook's name. One tried to get Osnos to see the positive side of the situation.

"Hey, at least you now have a sleek chopping board," wrote Bradley Adams. 

Jokes aside, a simple solution to Osnos' tech problem does exist. Apple users who experience similar lockouts should reset their devices by connecting to iTunes, Tom Wolanczyk, a manager at Toronto-based Fixt Wireless Repair, told CTV News

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