Video shows panicked Iceland tourists flee waves caused by calving glacier

Chilling footage has captured the moment a calving glacier sent tourists in Iceland rushing for higher ground on Sunday. 

Stephen Mantler, who owns and operates the tour company Háfjall, recorded the entire ordeal on his cellphone after ensuring the safety of his own group, which was visiting the Breiðamerkurjökull glacier in Vatnajökull National Park, located in southeastern Iceland.

In the video, massive chunks of ice can be seen falling off the glacier into the water below, causing a great disturbance. Groups of tourists below then begin to scurry towards higher ground, as large waves make their way towards the icy shore.

"I could see all of them start to move out of harm's way and their guides also ready to jump into action if necessary, so I kept recording but with a watchful eye on people's movements," the guide told CNN.

Although Mantler says "calvings are fairly frequent at this time of the year," he acknowledged that Sunday's event was "extraordinarily large" and much closer to the shore than usual, hence the close call with the sightseers.

Thankfully, Mantler told CNN that no tourists were injured — or even dampened — during the incident. 

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