Ivanka Trump slammed for Women's History Month message: 'Please enough from Princess West Wing'

A social media post shared by Ivanka Trump to mark the end of Women’s History Month may not have gotten the reaction the first daughter was expecting.

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Like her stepmother, first lady Melania Trump — whose post kicking off March as Women’s History Month sparked responses calling her a “trophy wife” — the senior White House adviser is catching flak not only for her father’s off-color comments about women, but also his mockery of pressing scientific issues like climate change.

On Sunday, President Trump‘s oldest daughter marked the conclusion of Women’s History Month but noted that “every month is a good month to celebrate and encourage women pursuing an education, a career and the fulfillment of their individual dreams!’

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Jen Atkin, Celebrity hairstylist and founder of OUAI haircare

"I admire all women. I'm constantly inspired by them. They're driven, hardworking, strong, and empowering. Just watching the female entrepreneurs in my life, keeps me pushing towards my goals. I think that more brands are trying to empower women. I want to change the conversation in business and beauty! I wanted to stop making the conversation only about women being pretty and start celebrating the spirit and power of being a woman in business." -Jen Atkin

Sara Panton, Co-Founder & CEO, vitruvi

"I fully believe that life is completely what you make it and that growing the next generation of leaders means welcoming an entrepreneurial approach to taking ownership of life and business.  I often refer to the quote, "if not you, then who?”. It's easy to think that people have the answers or that there is a 'best' way to do something — But I find more often than not, just action and forward momentum is the 'secret' to get anywhere. I believe that tenacity is a very unique and under valued trait and is something that will grow the next generation of leaders.” -Sara Panton

Karen Etzkorn, CIO, Qurate Retail Group

"The best advice I can give is to embrace your fear. Placing yourself in situations where you are uncomfortable is part of the growing process. Often the most challenging moments in my career have been the most rewarding. If an opportunity does not scare you a bit, it may not be the right opportunity. Also, all successful executives have failed and failed often. The measure of success is not merely the outcomes, but the way in which you respond to the situation and move forward.” - Karen Etzkorn

Heather Reier, Founder at Cake Beauty

“According to a study conducted by the Rockefeller Foundation and Global Strategy Group, currently, one in four Americans believe we’re more likely to see humans colonize Mars before we see women occupying half the Fortune 500 CEO seats. My hope is that women continue to rise up to be meaningful contributors to our society and the leaders of tomorrow. Leadership comes in many shapes, sizes and forms – way beyond a Fortune 500. The world needs women to lead, be bold and to voice their opinions in every place, whether it’s your kid’s school or a boardroom. I am a firm believer that everything in society changes for the better when women rise up, take a seat at the table (kitchen, boardroom or otherwise) and contribute to society in a way that helps to influence gender parity.” – Heather Reier

Aditi Javeri Gokhale, executive officer and CMO of Northwestern Mutual

“Betting on yourself is the best ROI you will get in life when it comes to your career. We often focus on preparing ourselves for the next step, waiting to take it until we finally feel ready, but the greatest success follows when you challenge yourself by taking opportunities you may not feel fully equipped to take on. To maximize our own growth, we need to take as many calculated risks on ourselves as we do in business.” – Aditi Javeri Gokhale

Shelby Wild, Founder & CEO, Playa Beauty

"If you have an idea that you're passionate about don't be afraid to go for it. Don't give up on yourself and the universe won't give up on you.” -Shelby Wild

Lori Twomey, SVP & Chief Merchant at Zulily

“My advice to female leaders is twofold: learn to thrive in ambiguity; today’s world is full of complex, multilayered and constantly evolving problems to solve. If you can learn to approach work with flexibility and inspire teams to act quickly, you will thrive. However, to ensure your ability to thrive, I advise every budding executive to take the time to unplug and unwind. For me, there is nothing more creativity-boosting than intentionally taking a weekend to make a gift for a friend, share a nice bottle of wine with my husband, and take a long run outside.” –Lori Twomey 

Jane Lu, Founder and CEO of Showpo

 "As a woman who started out in finance, I never thought I’d be in a position to build and lead a company - it was never on my radar. Being able to support and empower other women is one of my greatest passions, and Showpo has given me a platform to share my story, encourage others to take risks and take ownership of their career." -Jane Lu

Sheena Yaitanes, Founder & CEO, Kosas Cosmetics

"Think about the way you love your friends and family, how you don't really see their flaws, how you love all the things that are unique about them, and turn that love on yourself. Someone needs to be there for you when you're leading others, and there is no one better for the job than you." -Sheena Yaitanes

Antonia Hock, Global head of the Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center

“Never turn up to a meeting with a manager empty handed. If the meeting is around strategy or operations, bring a single slide that outlines new insight, a point of view, and a set of recommendations for discussion. Very few employees ever do this, and when someone shows up to my meeting with a slide prepared as a discussion tool, I immediately take notice because most people come to meetings to 'turn up and throw up.' And for a one-on-one with a senior leader, bring a personal roadmap plan for the next five years (or longer), and let the leader know ahead of time that you would like 10 minutes to gain their feedback and advice on what else you can do to activate your career plan. Top leaders rarely invest in employees who do not have a plan for themselves – if you can’t take the time to invest in yourself, why would I?” -Antonia Hock

Valerie Jarrett, Lyft Board Member and former Senior Advisor to President Obama

“The fact that so many women feel empowered to get involved whether it was the Women's March or the number of women who ran for office, in Congress and also at the state and local level - is so inspiring. The fact that we are recognizing our voices and exercising our ability to feel empowered, to get involved and to participate is heartening. I take great pride in saying that women of all generations are getting involved, but particularly the younger generations, because often times they don't feel empowered and wonder what can they do. Right now they know what they can do, and they're getting involved.” -Valerie Jarrett

Suzanne Asbury-Oliver, the only professional female skywriter

"I think set a goal early, find what you’re passionate about, what really, really interests you and just keep going. Doesn’t matter if it’s a male dominated field or not, if you get some push back, just push back and keep going. And watch for opening doors…” – Suzanne Asbury-Oliver

Pictured left with actress Lana Condor

Danielle Duboise, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Sakara Life

“There are no rules. All the rules you live by right now were created in your own mind. Change them if you want to.” -Danielle Duboise

Liz Mann, Principal and People Leader, EY Americas Cybersecurity

"'Don’t be alone in the boat' – it’s a quote from a mentor of mine that I use all the time. I really don’t know much about boating, but I do know that if you’re alone in a boat and the boat springs a leak, your chances for a good outcome are slim. If there are others in the boat, teamwork and diverse skills put you in a much better place to succeed. We often try to hold challenges close, and focus on managing them – better thinking and better outcomes come from collaboration and leverage of diverse talent.” - Liz Mann

Kerrigan Behrens and Kaley Nichol, Sagely Naturals

“Learn to trust your own opinion. We are fortunate to have incredible investors and advisors but inevitably their advice is conflicting. At the end of the day, you need to be comfortable making a decision and feel good about the fact that regardless of the outcome, the decision moves your business forward.” -Kerrigan Behrens

“Your team is your strongest asset - surround yourself with people who are amazing at their trade, have an energetic and uplifting attitude and are fully committed to the same mission.” -Kaley Nichol


A video accompanying the post shows a series of young girls and women working with computers, robots and various machinery to demonstrate the importance of supporting STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) opportunities for all. One girl at the start of the video appears to be assembling a makeshift wind turbine. Just days ago, the president, who has mocked climate change proposals like the Green New Deal, took aim at wind energy during a rally in Michigan.

While conservatives — including brother Donald Trump Jr.‘s girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle, who hailed her as an “inspiration to so many women” — have called the first daughter a “true feminist,” many have accused her of condoning her father’s controversial behavior. As such, her post calling for the empowerment of women didn’t go over very well.

Critics also cited her father’s policies and accused the 37-year-old of not truly understanding what it means to work hard.

Still, many appreciated her message.

Trump probably could have seen the backlash coming. Her Women’s History Month tweet last year also riled up critics, as did a post marking Black History Month this February. Many commenters pointed to her father’s support of racist birther conspiracies.

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