Breakdancing could be part of the Olympics by 2024 ... no, seriously

Start practicing your head spins now, because breakdancing might be an Olympic sport in 2024.

The International Olympic’s Committee recommended breakdancing for consideration for the 2024 Paris Olympics, according to the Associated Press.

That doesn’t mean breakdancing will definitely be approved as a medal event. It simply means the idea will be debated by the committee. The Olympic Committee has until December 2020 to make a final decision.

The decision to consider breakdancing for the Olympics was done to connect with a younger audience, according to the Associated Press.

IOC president Thomas Bach says the "more youthful and urban" sports offer "new opportunities to connect with the young generation."

While it’s unclear exactly how the competition would play out, we’re hoping for something like this:

We imagine breakdancing, if approved, will be judged similar to ice skating. Judges will likely determine scores based on routines and the ability to pull off difficult maneuvers.

If you want to see breakdance fighting, you’ll have to stick to the movies.

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