'One of the best to ever do it': NFL reacts to Rob Gronkowski's retirement

Likely first-ballot Hall of Famer Rob Gronkowski announced his retirement from the NFL Sunday after nine seasons.

The beloved star’s move is drawing mixed reactions, from fans’ sadness, to well-deserved congratulations from his peers around the NFL.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft and head coach Bill Belichick quickly issued statements on Gronk’s decision, calling him a great teammate, hard worker and a “Patriot for life.”

Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best reactions.

Reactions to Rob Gronkowski's retirement
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Reactions to Rob Gronkowski's retirement
Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft and HC Bill Belichick on Rob Gronkowski: https://t.co/R6QRkpLMwj
What an honor and privilege to play with you these past nine years @gronk! You accomplished so much and our team was almost unbeatable when you were on the field! Your fun-loving, inspiring, and positive energy made an impact on everybody you came into contact with! Not just that, but for as great as a player you are, you are a better teammate and person. The NFL was a better place with you in it! But I have no doubt you will be a success in anything you do!!! Love you pal!
The other goat 🐐 #gronk https://t.co/FzCfT38BjR
Congrats on an incredible career @RobGronkowski. One of the best to ever do it. Best wishes on whatever comes next!
thank youu for the amazing moments @RobGronkowski 🐐💯
Man Gronk changed the game. Respectfully, there is no Kelce/Ertz/Graham/Olson types without Gronk... https://t.co/oeHUrvZ4Hf
@RobGronkowski congrats to one of the best to ever do it! So dope to see you go out on your time. Good luck on ur c… https://t.co/wp5K7Edacc
Happy retirement big fella @RobGronkowski , one of the best ever TE’s
Gronk one of the most dominant players to put on a helmet. Amazing career.
My guy!!! @RobGronkowski Robbbbyyyyyy Ggggggg! Much love homie! I’m happy that you get to leave the game on your ow… https://t.co/Mc0BjXwY7d
For the past 9 years, after each week, one of the first guys reception targets I would go watch was @RobGronkowski.… https://t.co/Lkcb93NdMx
Congrats on an Incredible career to one of the many athletes my son liked more than me @RobGronkowski https://t.co/KYtbgljwWm

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