Trump sees himself as a 'victim' of unfair media coverage


President Trump recently described himself as a “victim” of unfair media coverage.

In an interview with The New York Times that took place inside the Oval Office and was published on Thursday evening, the president mentioned "fake news" and unfair media coverage saying, "I do think it's very bad for a country when the news is not accurately portrayed. I really do. And I do believe I'm a victim of that, honestly."

The sentiment, which he has expressed in several tweets, marks a recurring theme of his presidency.

Not long ago, Trump said via Twitter, "The Fake News gets crazier and more dishonest every single day. Amazing to watch as certain people covering me, and the tremendous success of this administration, have truly gone MAD!"

He added: "Their Fake reporting creates anger and disunity. Take two weeks off and come back rested. Chill!"

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"The Mainstream Media has NEVER been more dishonest than it is now," the president wrote days earlier, adding, "NBC and MSNBC are going Crazy. They report stories, purposely, the exact opposite of the facts. They are truly the Opposition Party working with the Dems. May even be worse than Fake News CNN, if that is possible!"

According to The New York Times, "Mr. Trump’s attacks on American news organizations have been cited by press advocates for emboldening foreign autocrats who censor, threaten, jail and assault journalists in their countries," a claim the president has denied.