Report: Trump considers Biden to be his 'most dangerous potential opponent'


President Trump reportedly views former Vice President Joe Biden as his “most dangerous potential opponent.”

That perspective was reported by the New York Times which said the president was “especially fixated” on Biden and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren as possible Democratic challengers in 2020.

While Warren has started the process for entering the race, Biden has not yet announced his decision.

A separate Times report from earlier this month stated that the former Vice President “is in the final stages of deciding whether to run for president and has told allies he is skeptical the other Democrats eyeing the White House can defeat President Trump.”

Polls have consistently ranked Biden ahead of Trump and other leading Democratic contenders in favorability ratings.

And in a recent NBC News opinion piece, political commentator Ashley Pratte argued that “Biden is arguably the party’s best hope for 2020.”

She writes: “As the most established, qualified, experienced, likable, popular and bipartisan Democrat exploring a bid for the presidency, his ability to relate to blue-collar Americans and his jovial demeanor make him the ideal candidate to go toe-to-toe with Donald Trump.”

Meanwhile, the president has blasted Biden’s viability as a strong contender.

“He ran two or three times, he never got above 1 percent,” Trump said in a Fox News interview. “And then [Barack] Obama came along and took him off the trash heap, and he became a vice president, and now he’s leading.”