Women caught twerking on top of moving SUV in viral video

Passengers on 1-64 in St. Louis, Missouri, were shocked when their Monday evening commute included a terrifying live show. 

In the middle of rush hour traffic, two women climbed onto the roof of their SUV to show off their twerking skills. Another woman leaned out the window to film the dance-off for social media. The shocking video has gone viral, but likely not for the reasons the performers intended.

"If (the women) fell off and were injured or killed, we’re supposed to feel sorry for their families? I think not!!" a Facebook commenter wrote.

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One appalled woman recorded the entire incident out of her own car window and sent it to local news channel KSDK. The station, in turn, contacted the police, even though the twerking women seemed to have gotten away with the very dangerous stunt.  

"They could fall off of the car and cause other drivers to wreck," a police spokesman told reporters. "It’s a dangerous situation for themselves and other drivers! They could fall off and create a fatal accident."

Watch the dangerous stunt above. 

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