Toddler locks herself in bunny cage in hilarious clip

Every new mother knows when things go quiet, your child is probably up to no good. 

That is what happened when Michaela found her daughter Sadie locked in a cage with her new pet bunny. “Sadie is an animal lover, but most animals don’t like her,” Michaela said. 

The little adventurer has had battles with the family cat, and a few funny encounters with puppies as well. “I have [a video] of a puppy pulling her pants down like the Coppertone baby.”

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Though she found the moment hilarious, Michaela admits it wasn’t the first time her rambunctious toddler has gotten into mischief. “She is always getting into weird things and doing strange stuff like flips off the couch or hiding in a box. [One day] I found her in one of those storage bins watching TV,” Michaela laughed. 

In this particular instance, Sadie found her way into the locked cage and squatted down to grab the bunny. Her mom caught her on camera, getting cozy and adorably reaching for the pet, saying “bunny, bunny” as it tries to avoid her grasp. 

Though it is many people’s worst nightmare to be locked up, Sadie didn’t mind at all. In fact, Michaela says they had a hard time getting her out of the cage. 

See the adorable clip above. 

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