Woman finds lost wedding ring in Christmas present

Joann Johnson was heartbroken when she realized that her wedding ring had fallen off while she was shopping at Walmart. Johnson scoured the shelves, returning numerous times to the Port Orchard Walmart, but was never able to locate the precious item. 

"It was our twentieth anniversary," she told Inside Edition. "And here I lose my wedding ring."

Then, on Christmas day, Shiloah Avery opened her new instant pot and was shocked to find a diamond ring inside. "We were kinda all in shock for the first couple of minutes and then I said We gotta find out whose it is," Avery explained.

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So, she took to social media, posting a picture of the instant pot on the town's Facebook page asking if anyone had lost the ring. In what can only be described as a miracle, Johnson just so happened to see the post and her heart stopped. She messaged Avery and waited for a response. To her delight, Avery suggested she come get it that night. 

"She is my Christmas angel," Johnson gushed. "For me to get it back on Christmas day... what are the odds."

Watch her joyfully reunion above. 

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